John Stanley FMNZ Regional Workshop


FMNZ Buy Local Contributions Milestone 2

John Stanley – Marketing the Farmers’ Market Brand

Key messages from the three workshops

“Commit to and communicate clear business strategies”

“Dare to be Different”

“Just do it”

“Delight Strategies – what is your lipstick”

“Who can you partner with in your community?”

Christchurch 24 Th November 2007

In Christchurch, John Stanley was presenting to representatives from 10 Canterbury Farmers’ Markets in the region which have been networking together for the last two years with Angela Clifford from FMNZ.   Discussions were open and valued by all with Authenticity and Networking at a regional level being hot topics as well as the number of smaller markets in the Christchurch region suppling to a spread out and diverse population base.  Are there too many markets?  And how do we encourage more food producers without sacrificing our values.  Congratulations were given to all markets on the success that they already have and it is about building on this to secure the future success for all.  Marketing is about getting the basics right

Canterbury Beer Festival at Farmers Market

FMNZ Mission

Mission        Farmers Markets New Zealand’s mission is to: 

foster the ongoing development of farmers markets in New Zealand                       

                        As part of this overall purpose, the national organisation (FMNZ) exists to: 

·         Spread passion for fresh, local, authentic food, by educating people and groups and engaging with (or lobbying) local government or national bodies.

·         Protect and develop the Farmers Market brand, and brand values of authenticity, local, fresh food produce.

·         Act as a mentor to local Farmers Markets, sharing knowledge and information.

·         Progress the common interests of FM members.

·         Facilitate excellent communication between markets and with consumers.

·         Support local market managers to help local markets be successful.

FMNZ Vision

Vision         Our vision is to… develop a national network of around 50 authentic Farmers Markets, drawn together by a shared passion for and commitment to fresh, locally produced, authentic food direct to consumers.                       

For FMNZ specifically, this means: 

·         Working towards certification - showing each market does indeed meet the definition and standards of a “Farmers Market”. 

·         Being a source for member Markets looking for quality help, information, resources, advice etc. 

·         FMNZ being established on a professional footing – with a paid coordinator (in time), and paid contractors delivering specific project outcomes. 

·         FMNZ taking on the overall role of PR and marketing the “Farmers Market movement” – but this does not in any way negate the local efforts to promote a specific market. 

·                                             FMNZ taking on national responsibilities around internal communication (across the network), liaising with Economic development Agencies, funding sources and national organisations with like interests.       

The Aims of FMNZ

The aims of the Farmers' Market New Zealand Association are

  • To facilitate the formation of a network of authentic Farmers’ Markets throughout New Zealand
  • To clearly define the concept of an authentic Farmers’ Market and facilitate the development of this model in the cities and provinces of New Zealand.
  • To support the viable and self-sufficient operation of existing and future Farmers’ Markets by sharing information and providing appropriate resources.
  • To protect the brand “Farmers’ Market”, clearly distinguishing the concept of a Farmers’ Market from other markets, both retail and wholesale
  • To advocate on behalf of members at a national level.

The Executive of FMNZ (comprises of seven farmers market representatives)  is interested in your comments, and ask those with feedback to have it with us no later than 15th June by e-mail to