John Stanley FMNZ Regional Workshop


FMNZ Buy Local Contributions Milestone 2

John Stanley – Marketing the Farmers’ Market Brand

Key messages from the three workshops

“Commit to and communicate clear business strategies”

“Dare to be Different”

“Just do it”

“Delight Strategies – what is your lipstick”

“Who can you partner with in your community?”

Christchurch 24 Th November 2007

In Christchurch, John Stanley was presenting to representatives from 10 Canterbury Farmers’ Markets in the region which have been networking together for the last two years with Angela Clifford from FMNZ.   Discussions were open and valued by all with Authenticity and Networking at a regional level being hot topics as well as the number of smaller markets in the Christchurch region suppling to a spread out and diverse population base.  Are there too many markets?  And how do we encourage more food producers without sacrificing our values.  Congratulations were given to all markets on the success that they already have and it is about building on this to secure the future success for all.  Marketing is about getting the basics right